Fate of Io
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(Original art by Astravaii)

Age: 21
Race: Drythian
Occupation: Innkeeper
Height: 6' 0"
Hair: Dark brown
Eye: Green
Weapon type: Crossbow/Longbow

The majority of Enna's actions are motivated, whether consciously or unconsciously, by her painful past. She blames the loss of her home and family on Pylos, and has no mind for forgiveness when we first meet her. She lets experience be her only reason, though she is always willing to capitalize on the position of others if it will help her.

For a long time, she has believed that anyone under a bad person is a bad person. Her generalizations are thrown into question when she meets Syne; she is dismayed and disoriented at her own genial reaction to him. This eventually leads to a great deal of self-doubt in her beliefs. She doesn't let this feeling grow for a long time because Syne encourages her to continue on with her present course.

The doubt finally makes her seriously reconsider her appraisal of her situation; she wonders if the life of terrorism and vengeance that she led was the best choice. As Syne learns how to choose between right and wrong, Enna re-learns a similar lesson, and the two of them undergo a journey of alternating reproach and mutual support.

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