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Eumonetics are a branch of physics unique to the world of Fate of Io. One may think of it -- on a very abstract level, at least -- as being analogous to electronics in our universe. The laws of eumonetics are strict, but they can be used for a very wide range of tasks.

The study of eumonetics mostly revolves around manipulation of eumonetic energy. Eumonetic energy is like other energy in physics (such as kinetic energy, potential energy, etc.). It is measured in Joules (kg m2/s2) -- or, at least, it would be on Earth. It cannot be created or destroyed, although it can be converted to other forms of energy.

Eumonetic energy is useful because it is incredibly easy to control. Those who know how to use it need only speak their desire, and it is granted. There are three limitations to this, however:

  • The user needs to be born with the ability to focus eumonetic energy. Nearly all Proteans and Antareans have this gift, but it is extremely rare in Humans. Scientists have not yet determined what determines if a person is "eumonetically inclined".

  • The requests must be spoken in an ancient, cryptic language which is only known by a few individuals. The grammar and vocabulary of this language are a secret closely guarded by the Antareans. Although the Proteans are also known to use eumonetics, they do not actually know the whole language. Instead, they know a select set of phrases which they are able to memorize and recite, but they do not know what these phrases actually mean, and they are unable to form phrases of their own.

  • The user must have one or more eumonetic energy sources to draw on, with enough total energy to produce the desired effect. Again, the amount of energy needed is a matter of physics. Also, most techniques are not 100% efficient, with some energy being lost as heat.

An individual who wields the power of eumonetics is formally called a "eumoneticist", but people often just use the slang term "eumonetic" informally (as in, "He is a eumonetic.").

One of the key problems in eumonetics is producing and transporting eumonetic energy. Scientists are still not even sure how the energy is produced. However, they do know that most living beings seem to produce it naturally. The popular theory is that life is, in fact, made possible only by the use of eumonetic energy.

A eumoneticist may draw on his or her own internal eumonetic energy to perform tasks, and most do so quite frequently. However, doing so is not without a cost. The user is left weaker, tired, or out of breath. If used too much, eumonetics can kill the user. In game terms, the use of eumonetics costs hit points (HP). The energy is replenished with food, water, and rest.

It is also possible to store eumonetic energy in a special kind of mineral known as "eumonite". Eumoneticists can transfer their energy into and out of eumonite at will, as long as that eumonite is in their direct posession and control. Thus, a piece of eumonite is like a eumonetic battery. The larger or more pure it is, the more it can hold. Most of the world's eumonite is in the posession of the Proteans and is heavily guarded. The Antareans have essentially none at all, and in fact have forgotten that it exists. Recently, deposits of eumonite have been discovered on the Titan continent, where Humans live, and the Pylos corporation has made a business of mining it.

Additionally, eumoneticists can draw on the eumonetic energy of other living beings, but only if they are willing. This is very dangerous, however, as it is hard for the eumoneticist to measure the energy they are taking. It is easy to feel your own energy being sucked away, but not someone else's. Accidents are frequent and sometimes deadly.

Again, it is important to note that eumonetics do not allow one to break the basic laws of physics. Energy, mass, and momentum must be conserved. Matter generally cannot be created from scratch (unless a very large amount of energy is used; E = mc2). However, eumonetics can be used to re-arrange matter and energy in very arbitrary ways -- moreso than any force that exists in our universe.

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