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6B. Back to Port Korra
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  • When the party wakes up in the morning, they find Enna gone. Syne realizes where she has gone, but says there's no chance they'll catch up with her and no point in following.

  • When the group arrives at Port Korra they find, not a Pylos army, but an army of the townspeople. They take the party to Cade, who immediately says they are friends. He explains he has been working to keep the Pylos recruiters out of the city, and made a speech to town, rallying them. Rheya introduces herself to Cade.

  • The Korran army heads to Pylos Gamma. After travelling through the eastern jungle, they stop to camp for the night before moving into the valley between the Nimbus Mountains.

    • During the night, the camp is surprised with a sudden attack by Pylos forces that had been surrounding the valley. Utter chaos ensues, but the Korran soldiers vow to take care of it; Cade takes the initiative and leads Rheya, Syne, and Dell to Pylos Gamma.

    • They leave the battle raging and head into mines.

  • Inside, they find the mine strangely empty. The group heads up to the main control room, and find Hyde and Dantalian just leaving, along with Kydran, the creature ultimately behind Pylos.

  • Dell is taken aback by Kydran; he thought he was the only member of his race on the continent. Kydran has a number of things to say to the group:

    • He has Enna right here. Hyde steps out from the control room with a knife to Enna's throat. Kydran advises them not to try anything rash, and explains that the terrorists have allowed Pylos to amass quite an army. The forces outside Gamma were nothing (Kydran no longer cares about the mines) and Pylos sent the bulk of its army to destroy Port Korra.

    • Rheya is a spy for Pylos. (*Rheya is actually in the party of her own accord, to work against Pylos, but nobody except herself knows that) Rheya heads over to Kydran, taking the safe option.

    • Kydran no longer needs the mines. He doesn't go into details, but he couldn't care less if Gamma is destroyed.

    • The mine is empty because Kydran wants it to be destroyed. One more bombing, and the citizens of every major city on the continent will allow him to almost declare martial law over them. He didn't actually expect the party to get through his defenses, so he has rigged the station himself. It should detonate in about ten minutes (cue countdown).

  • Kydran flees with Rheya, leaving the Hyde and Dantalian to take care of them. Enna manages to break free from Hyde and join the fight. The four manage to subdue the two Pylos leaders, and get away before the mine blows up.

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