Fate of Io
7. The Decisive Confrontation
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  • Kydran and Rheya attempt to escape on the Pylos Flyer, a TW eumonetic air vehicle parked on the roof. Dell focuses, remembering what Rheya taught him, and casts a spell; an magical explosion hits the Flyer on one side, and it goes careening into the mountainside.

    • The party gets to the crash site as quickly as possible, only to find that the Flyer has been abandoned. They follow some tracks in the snow uphill.

    • They spot a small familiar looking figure scrambling away. Kydran tries to escape, but the sudden cold stops him and Dell from flying. (*Rheya has slipped away when no one was looking, and the party is busy chasing after Kydran.)

  • Kydran enters a cave, and becomes cornered by the party as they catch up with him.

    • Syne, trying to sort out the correct course of action in this situation, doesn't want to fight; he just wants to get some answers.

    • Kydran mutters something about being unable to fail, and casts a spell. His body suddenly starts growing, and he transforms into an enormous Sapphire Dragon, filling up the cavern with his menacing monstrosity. The four heroes are just barely able to conquer the threat.

  • As the dragon becomes motionless, Syne steps forward to make sure that their opponent is truly defeated. He is suddenly grabbed by an enormous clawed fist, his weapon sent flying.

    • Without hardly thinking, Syne grabs the Nova Grenade and pulls the pin. He lobs it at the dragon and the brilliant explosion catches both of them. Enna, Dell, and Cade are knocked backward, and the cave starts to collapse. None of them can quite believe it, but it is very apparent through the falling ice that there is very little left of either the dragon or their friend. Enna (suppressing her emotions with practiced effort) drags the others out before they too are buried.

    • The three are left alone, tired and beaten on the freezing face of the remote and barren glacier.

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