Fate of Io
3. Changing Minds
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  • Once docked in Trosene, Syne's first thought is to head straight back to the construction site of Pylos Delta, but Enna pleads with him to stay at least until she's given him evidence that her crusade is just and that she's been telling the truth. Dell sees no reason not to give her the chance; she got them out of jail, and Syne's curiosity prevails.

    • The group goes to Wallace's house, where a basic explanation of the environmental dangers of mining is given. On top of being a terrorist, Wallace also doubles as a scientist, and he explains how extensive mining can lead to instabilities in the land structure. (* Realistically, any major mining company would be aware of such a danger and take necessary steps to prevent it from happening, such as reinforcing the mines to compensate for structural loss. Naturally, no one in our party is actually a miner.) Syne has no reason to deny the scientific data, and he begins to seriously consider that Pylos should stop.

    • As Syne ponders, Enna subtly grabs the confidential report from Syne's superior and opens it. Syne tries to stop her, but she gets a good look at the documents before anyone can do anything: they are blank. She hands them to a bewildered Syne who doesn't understand; he was sent out on a top priority assignment to deliver blank parchment? Perhaps they just wanted to get rid of a worker, Wallace comments sarcastically. Dell mentions the [Petrolan] Gygan that attacked them and probably would have taken care of Syne if he hadn't been there to help. Enna has a sardonic response: Pylos has had a secret history of using [Petrolans] Gygans as stooges and scapegoats-if they didn't want to get rid of Syne (who was only one of two who knew about the first attack on Delta), then they at least wanted to promote their public image by being innocent victims of a growing civil danger by losing a worker.

    • Syne is just about convinced, but he doesn't give Enna an inch. Whether or not she is right in this, she shouldn't be going around killing innocent workers. Enna agrees quickly (* never wanting to appear unsure of herself) and makes Syne a deal: being a Pylos worker, he would help her greatly with getting in and out of their bombing runs. If he agrees to help her, she'll follow his suggestions to prevent any innocent people from being killed.

      • This puts Syne in a precarious position. He could refuse, head back to Pylos Delta, and risk her coming attack. He could try to fight Enna and Wallace right here, but if Dell didn't help him, he might do more bad than good. Besides, if Pylos is really causing harm to [Alaira] the Continent, then he should do something to somehow atone for his help in their endeavors. Finally, he reluctantly agrees.

      • Enna points out that everyone in the two Titan City bombings were indeed evacuated, so she didn't really cause mass death in either case. She announces that, after resting for the night, they will travel to their next target: Pylos Delta.

      • Dell is excited: he's never had a really had a purpose before!

    • The characters stay the night at Enna's inn, which still has an out-of-business sign in front.

  • Shopping break and opportunity for exploration in Trosene.

  • The party travels back down the familiar road that Syne traveled, with the option of stopping off at Dell's cave with [room for development].

  • As they arrive at Pylos Delta, Syne says they should wait until lunchtime after which the workers have half-an-hour or so for sports and exercise, so many will be outside already. The plan is as follows:

    • Syne will go in first, since he should be able to get around freely as a worker during leisure time. He will activate the evacuation alarms and make sure that there's no one left in the facility.

    • When the alarms go off, Enna will activate the bomb with its ten-minute timer and hand it off to Dell. From there, Dell will have to fly the bomb through scaffolding and a short maze of corridors where he will plant it near the center of Delta. He then has to get out in time.

    • Everyone will meet in a heavily wooded spot a little ways away afterward.

  • The plan itself is carried out; the player will need to make sure that all the stragglers in the building leave (not everyone heeds the alarm, thinking it's "another drill," and Syne has to make up witty excuses for them get out).

    • Syne finds Cade, who is practicing his own fighting style just outside the building. Cade is very excited to see Syne and begins interrogating him on how the trip went. Syne is very impatient, but Cade is more persistent. Finally, Syne agrees to tell Cade all about it if the younger worker can beat him in a race to the edge of the forest. They have the contest, which Syne shrewdly steers toward the arranged meeting place.

    • The player controls Dell in his flight to plant the bomb, having a set amount of time to carry out the task.

    • Pylos Delta explodes in lots of fire and special effects, much to the astonishment of the evacuated workers outside (who don't get to see special effects very often).

  • At the edge of the forest, the astonished Cade is full of questions about what just happened, but Syne hurries off. When they arrive at a clearing, Syne seems disappointed to find it empty. Cade seems upset that Pylos Delta was destroyed - this is understandable because of the sense of unity and accomplishment the construction workers had. (*Cade is really pleased to be free. He is no longer in captivity, and can go wherever and do whatever he wants. He had always hated someone else having that power over him.)

    • Just as Cade asks Syne what he was hoping to find here, it shows up: Enna and Dell arrive down the same track Cade and Syne approached from just before.

    • Upon seeing Enna, Cade jumps for her; he recognizes her as one of the terrorist party he and Syne fought of in I.1-b and -c (although Syne has not, up to this point), and so thinks that she and her Antarean friend were the people that destroyed the station now. Syne, although surprised to find out about Enna, manages to calm Cade down and, with help from Enna and Dell, Syne explains the things he has seen and heard on his trip to convince him: the environmental damage to [Alaira] the Continent, the betrayal of Trosene, and the fake orders.

    • Cade agrees to come with them, but he is still not fully convinced.

    • Enna says she knows of a safe way out of the woods, towards the nearest town, so the group heads off through the forest.

  • As the group nears the edge of the forest, they encounter Dantalian and Hyde of the Pylos Triumvirate.

  • Dantalian and Hyde appear to be waiting for something when the group arrives. Hyde, upon seeing the terrorists, almost attacks them. Dantalian reprimands him, reminding Hyde they thought of something much better for the group. Dantalian tells them that he does not have the time to waste dispatching them, so he will leave them in the able care of "Efon." When named, the creature steps out of the trees: it appears to be a kind of zombie, although it has the physical features of Enna's race. Hyde tells it to attack the party, and both Triumvirate members leave along the track as it closes in on the party. After the fight, the party continues on to Beniport.

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