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5. Hated By All
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  • The group arrives at Serribis, stopping off before heading to Pylos Beta [shopping break].

  • Information gleaned from townsfolk: The population of Serribis is greatly concerned about the bombings at the other mines; Pylos Beta provides the town with much of its income. The town knows nothing of Pylos' wrongdoings, and any public claims made by the terrorists are quickly denied by Dantalian, being the Triumvirate member in charge of PR. He has a way of convincing people, and they believe in him. He spends a lot of time rubbing elbows with the common folk, which only convinces them more. Furthermore, Pylos provides the city with some of the TW "eumonetic technology" it produces (although only a minute fraction of what is sold in Titan City; the people don't know that, and the sheer power of the technology impresses them).

  • The group leaves Serribis and heads on, to Pylos Beta. Along the way, they stop to have a planning discussion. They decide to stick together, and follow pretty much the same plan: sound the evacuation alarm, plant the bomb, then take one of the TW eumonetic buggies and escape on it.

  • They arrive at Pylos Beta, and, once inside, activate the alarm. However, none of the workers leave the station; apparently they've gotten used to all the false alarms lately. Enna has already left to activate the bomb, unfortunately, so Syne and Dell are forced to come up with an alternate plan, and quickly.

    • Syne heads towards the mess hall, and Dell pretends to be a monster attacking him. As Dell is "ravaging" Syne, he screams at the workers to flee, that the alarm is real. The workers run toward the exits, while Syne "dies" to stop them trying to save him.

    • Once all the workers are out, Syne and Dell meet with Enna and head towards the garage. They find that all the doors out of the facility have been sealed, probably in an effort to contain the "monsters."

    • The situation seems hopeless; the bomb is counting down, and there is no way to escape. Then Dell, whose hearing is better than a human's, hears hurried footsteps. A woman rounds the corner (*Rheya). She tells the party to come with her to escape. Syne is full of questions, especially about her truthfulness; she could be leading them into a trap. The woman coolly points out that Pylos would catch them anyway, and they have a much better chance with her.

    • They follow her to an area of the mine. There is a crude TW eumonetic cart used for carrying ore outside. The woman climbs inside, and Syne, Dell, and Enna follow her. As soon as they get inside, the cart speeds off down its tracks.

    • There is a great rumbling behind them from the mining station, and they see a fireball welling behind them. The cart shoots out of the mine tunnel and into the open air, hounded by the flames which spiral into the sky. The station explodes to much ado and special effects as the cart coasts to a stop.

  • The cart rolls to a stop by the tree line. Enna is instantly skeptical of the woman, who introduces herself as Rheya; she could be a spy. The mysterious newcomer explains that she saved them from being blown up. Rheya also tells them to think of the time when they escaped from the prison (the party is surprised that she even knows about it, but they remember), and she asks them who they think conveniently blew a hole in the prison wall. Dell puts two and two together, and realizes she's been helping them all along. The party has a short discussion, and agrees to let Rheya join them, although Syne secretly asks Dell to keep an eye on her if no one else can (his size and flight can allow him to sneak well).

  • Enna asks what Rheya's skills are. [Rheya demonstrates her weapon - to be added after we've decided what it is]

    • As a gesture of appreciation, Rheya gives Syne a Nova Grenade. She explains that it will create an explosion when activated, and warns him to be careful. She then explains how it works (pull pin, throw), and tells him only to use it in dire circumstances (*She can't make them herself until her magic eumonetic skills are better, so it shouldn't be wasted).

  • Enna, Syne and Dell start off towards Serribis, but Rheya warns them: Pylos has, through a masterful propaganda campaign, managed to seal off most towns against them. The company has convinced the people that the terrorists will soon turn to attacking cities if they do not defend themselves; many towns and cities now have militia defending them. Pylos, being the main source of support for the military's development, has been granted control of many regiments and has one on the way to Pylos Gamma. This presents them with a number of problems, because they won't be able to enter any major towns in the Titan Provinces for supplies, and now that it has an army defending it, Pylos Gamma will be almost impossible to destroy.

  • Enna suggests they head to the village where she grew up, called Avemy, located in a forest south of Serribis. Rheya shows them a way to cross the river without entering Serribis (perhaps involving a few spells eumonetic techs).

  • Enna leads the group into the village, and takes them to the place where her house once stood. The building lies in a heap on the ground; it was destroyed in the attack. The group asks Enna what happened here (*Rheya knows, but she doesn't say anything). Enna sits down, and begins her story:

    Thirteen years ago, when Enna was seven, she lived in Avemy, this small village of Drythians (but for now, she just refers to it as the "village where I was born"). She says that her race lived close to nature, and disliked Pylos for its dangerous mining operation on Titan. They tried to boycott Pylos and its environment-damaging activities, but never resorted to violence. Then, as Enna was playing in the woodland around her home, she happened upon a [Petrolan] Gygan. It moved to attack her, so she ran and escaped back to the village. When she arrived, she heard screams and cries, and saw buildings set ablaze. Hiding in a tree, she saw [Petrolans] Gygans walking through the detritus, slaying survivors. Enna saw her parents captured while trying to escape, and killed by a large [Petrolan] Gygan who seemed to be the person in charge. Once the [Petrolans] Gygans were finished with their business, they left, leading a large number of the villagers, including her sister and her friend Efon, away in chains.

  • This steels the group even more firmly against Pylos, and they begin planning to attack Pylos Gamma. They decide that they have two options:

    • Go straight to Pylos Gamma in the hope that the army won't have had time to mobilize yet.

    • Head to Port Korra to see if Cade has rallied the people against Pylos. They can then use this militia to fight Pylos' own.

    • Enna is set on Option A; she believes that Cade has not had enough time to rally the people of Port Korra. Dell, on the other hand, argues for Option B. He points out that if the army is anywhere near the one Rheya said was at Serribis, they haven't got a chance. The player has the opportunity to choose either option, and the group decides to embark on their plan in the morning.

  • [shopping break - a tradesman in the town sells rudimentary healing items and such]

  • Enna and Syne are both asleep as the small fire burns low beside them. Dell makes an offhand comment about stoking the fire, and it suddenly begins to burn more brightly. Rheya is surprised at this. She knows it was magic eumonetics. The technowizard eumoneticist realizes that Dell has rudimentary magical eumonetic ability, and she begins to teach Dell some rudimentary ADML. (At this point, the first few spells are unlocked on the magic pyramid).

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