Fate of Io
4. History
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  • Cade finds the town strangely familiar, and a few of the townsfolk seem to distantly remember him as well. As the party talks to the locals, they learn a man called Benivalle has ruled the town for about twelve years. Benivalle led the people against the old government, with the promise of inviting new trade to the town from Serribis (*Benivalle was encouraged to do so by Pylos - they were the ones that were to provide the trade). However, just like in Trosene, the trade didn't live up to expectations, and Benivalle raised taxes and cut budgets in the town to line his own pocket. People are beginning to regret their actions under Benivalle.

  • One person, an old woman named Sheri, they meet knows Cade by name. She says she used to work for his parents as his nanny. In a bit of an epiphany, Cade remembers her, and she helps Cade recall his past (see profiles for Cade and Beniport.). Enna is surprised by this; she hadn't known that many of those that built and worked the mines were not there by choice. She wonders if her sister is at work in a mine. Enna used to think her sister was dead, but now she's not so sure.

  • Cade decides to take back the city to regain his family honor. The others try to convince him against this, as it would draw attention (and they don't need that after destroying two major installations), but Cade is adamant. He heads of towards Benivalle's mansion, with the other party members in tow.

  • The party finds the way into the mansion barred by guards, so the group looks around for another way in. They find a servants' access around the back through which they can sneak in (Dell makes a passing comment about how they're always sneaking into places). Once inside, Cade discovers that many of the original staff are still here. The servants tell the group that Benivalle is having dinner in the dining room, and gives the party directions. They must sneak through the building (a la Shinra Building's 60th floor) to the dining room.

    • In a sudden confrontation, Cade tells Benivalle who he is, and that he will regain his family's honor. Cade challenges Benivalle to a duel, and to uphold his "honor." Cade insists the party does not help.

    • They fight for a short time, but when Benivalle sees he is going to lose, he calls in the guards. Benivalle retreats from the battle, leaving Cade to fight against the guards. He clearly can't win on his own, so his teammates join the fray.

    • After the battle, the party finds Benivalle has retreated to his ship, the Odigovalle. He speeds off up the Titan River, closely followed by the party in a smaller boat. The party hems him in, and when they board, Benivalle pleads for his life. Cade wants to have him arrested, but the group convinces him to let Benivalle go. He concedes, telling Benivalle to never show his face in Port Korra (emphasizing the name) again.

  • The group heads back to Port Korra. Once there, the party discusses what they will do next: they decide to head for Serribis and Pylos Beta. Cade tells them that he cannot come with them. He will stay and reorganize the government of Port Korra. He does lend them the use of his ship, which, as he learns from Sheri, belonged to his father. Its original name was the Eastern Wake.

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