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Pylos Mining Corp.
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Pylos is the largest, most successful corporation on the Titan continent. It started out as a small mining outfit run by Dantalian, Hyde, and Miriel, but has grown into much more. Although Pylos still does a lot of mining, it now does so only to support its real business: Eumonetic devices. Pylos enjoys a complete monopoly on these devices, which have come to be a part of everyday life for most of the inhabitants of the continent. As such, not only does Pylos make more money than all other companies on the continent combined, but it actually posesses more power than the governments of the region. Although it allows these governments to go on operating as if they were in control, everyone knows that no government can stop Pylos from having its way. For the most part, though, the people are happy with this; Pylos' public relations are second to none, and the people honestly feel that Pylos is working in their best interests. (Not that they are wrong, per say, but there are certainly things that Pylos does of which the average person probably would not approve.)

Some attempts have been made to reverse-engineer Pylos' technology, and Pylos has made no attempt to stop them. Every such attempt, however, has only resulted in a lot of head-scratching. The best and brightest have taken apart anything and everything that Pylos makes, only to find some crude mechanical components and some funny-looking stones engraved with incomprehensible symbols. Attempts to copy such devices piece-by-piece only result in duds which do nothing.

The key to Pylos' discovery is an Antarean named Kydran, who found his way to the continent many years prior. Very few people on the Titan continent know what an Antarean is, and almost none know anything about Kydran, even though he has come to possess the most powerful position on the continent: leader of Pylos.

When Kydran came, he brought with him the knowledge of eumonetics. By mere coincidence, he came across the little company that was Pylos, and discovered that the strange gems they were mining were, in fact, eumonite. He and Miriel went on to develop the technology of eumonetic devices to make Pylos what it is today. Kydran has been very careful, however, to reveal no more than is necessary about eumonetics and the Antarean language, even to Miriel, thus keeping himself in complete control.

Pylos now operates three major eumonite mines with a fourth under construction. It also runs a large research laboratory where eumonetic devices are developed, a number of factories, and an extensive chain of retail outlets for its wares. Pylos also has its own security force which has developed into a formidable army, although this is generally downplayed by the PR department. It is estimated that some 5% to 10% of the population is on Pylos' payroll. The headquarters are located in the center of Titan City: a towering skyscraper surrounded by a sprawling corporate campus. At the very top of the tower is Kydran's office (like any Antarean, he loves heights).

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