Fate of Io
The Protectors
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For all of recorded history, the continent of Kay Pacha has been the scene of a war between the Proteans and the Antareans. Although the exact reasons have been forgotten, everyone on the continent knows one thing for certain: The race which wins the war will obtain near-infinite power to do absolutely anything they want.

The Protectors are those who would rather not see any race weilding unlimited power. Made up of members of many races, including humans, dragons, and others, the Protectors inhabit much of Kay Pacha and act as a buffer between the warring sides. The Protectors always ally themselves with the defenders, whether they be Protean or Antarean. Because the Protectors are so numerous -- indeed, they are coming close to outnumbering the Proteans and the Antareans themselves -- every major offensive by either side has failed miserably.

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