Fate of Io
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The immense kingdom of the Antareans is scattered over the peaks of the northern mountain ranges of Kay Pacha. The higher you go, the more densely populated the area; major Antarean hives spike far above the clouds. The sinewy peaks have been carved and made into porous, labyrinthine cities where the horde lives and works. While the Proteans have their thick gates to protect their underground realm, the Antarean homeland lies past exceedingly steep crags that are nearly impenetrable by any ground force.

Though the political and economic environment of the kingdom is frenetic to say the least, the Antareans allow their bloodborn traits to determine their role in the hive-like society. There are many different castes, such as workers, warriors, and royalty. If this genetic organization didn't exist, it is likely the Antareans would live in a state of complete anarchy.

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