Fate of Io
Daccha Vira
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This large coastal village has blossomed into the obligatory Last Bastion of humanity for those living amidst the Protean-Antarean War in Kay Pacha. But that isn't saying much. Mercenaries, refugees from Tarikun, rogue Gygan tribes, disillusioned merchants; all these make Daccha Vira their home, and the grungy diversity of the populace is reflected in the haphazard, eclectic arrangement of buildings that have been stuffed in between the ports and the surrounding ridge. The city began as a small village, only occassionally host to a larger bazaar of trade goods. Since the Battle of Tarikun, however, more and more people have set up improvised homes in the area, and Daccha Vira now serves as the dirty, rotten hub of the remaining surface dwellers in Kay Pacha.

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