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Hidden beneath the terrain of Kay Pacha is an enormous expanse of interconnected chasms and corridors that constitutes the Protean kingdom. Each main chamber is a veritable city in itself, and the tunnels that connect them are partitioned by massive (and massively redundant) gates that serve as checkpoints. Corridors leading to the surface are especially well-guarded to ensure no unwanted trespassers (Antareans, particularly) enter into the kingdom.

While the subterrain strongholds are practically impenetrable, Protean forces are well-trained and historically very active on the surface. Many Proteans feel that, since their war is being fought on the home soil of others, they have an obligation to help and protect innocent surface dwellers from both Protean and Antarean assaults (though most "surface dwellers" view such Protean attitudes as pretentious and hypocritical).

The Proteans harbor a strong philosophy of duty and ceremony. Their chambers are full of brilliantly colorful symbolism, almost every daily activity is integrated into some sort of formal ritual, and the seats of political power work under a strict but (mostly) benevolent scheme of government. Even at the beginning of Part II, when many Proteans have died and the only large chamber remaining is the Protean capital, this is a people so entrenched in their traditions that life at least appears to have continued on normally. This is not to say that change is impossible for Protean society; indeed, when radical ideas emerge in a Protean mind, they tend to be similarly resolute.

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