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Antareans are a small, shrewd race of dragonoids who are native to the highest peaks of Kay Pacha. They live in a highly structured society (not unlike social insects), and--despite being the size of a large cat--they have fashioned incredible structures out of the mountains. While their class system is solid, individuals are highly mobile within classes based on their merits. Good work is sometimes unpredictably awarded by the powers that be, while other behavior is swiftly and often arbitrarily punished. The Antarean workforce is fast-paced and frenetic, yet naturally coordinated.

Proteans are the Antareans' natural enemy. Their ongoing war has become part of their racial identity. While Antarean forces will usually decide to accept help from the Protectors, they just as often view humans and Gygans as a "terrestrial" annoyance.

Antareans are the elemental race of air: they are quick to act, respond, and adopt new ways of thinking. Most Antareans have elemental affinities aligned towards air, and only a small fraction of Antareans does not have eumonetic abilities.

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