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Proteans seem to be a very human-like race with pale or white skin. Their underground kingdom spans through a great many chasms, with plentiful eumonite to power and warm their abodes. The matriarchal society is very casual and laid-back, despite the ongoing war that the Proteans have waged on the surface. Daily Protean life is full of customs, traditions, and ceremony.

Antareans are the Proteans' natural enemy. While the underground realms are well-protected by redundant barriers, Protean soldiers often believe that they are honorably protecting innocent surface civilizations from the Antarean horde. While most Proteans regard all other races as naturally inferior, they and the Protectors have been frequent allies in the past.

Proteans are the elemental race of earth: they are firm in their convictions and undaunted by any misfortune. Most Proteans have an elemental affinity aligned closely with earth, and practically all Proteans have eumonetic abilities.

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