Fate of Io
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Avemy used to be a fairly prosperous Drythian village; it was fully self-sufficient, and hardly made any contact with the outside world, as was the general policy of the old Drythian Mountain settlements. The village made a point of this isolation; they disliked Pylos for the effects it was having on the Titan Continent. The villagers peacefully protested, boycotting Pylos. Then Pylos stepped in. The company needed subjects for the newly invented resurrection technology. They hired the Gygans, a band of mercenary creatures (the creature that stopped Syne and Dell crossing the Trosene Firebridge was a Gygan) that Pylos often hires to do its dirty work.

Pylos' hired troops stormed the village, killing many and taking prisoners. Much of the village was destroyed in the attack. Enna was one of the few survivors of the disaster, and although it was never proven that Pylos was involved (indeed, most people think Pylos is wrongly accused of the scandal for which the Gygans were responsible), she knew that the company was behind it. She vowed to have revenge.

Graves litter the edges of the once peaceful village, and much of the debris and burnt-out shells of buildings remain amidst the rebuilt homes and farms. The few survivors of the disaster stayed, refusing to be forced out by Pylos, while other Drythian nomads converged to Avemy as a last stand of their dwindling ethnicity.

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