Fate of Io
Titan City
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Planted on the continent's largest body of water, Titan City towers above the surface of the water, and at the same time sprawls out on the lake like a lily pad. Buildings of all shapes and sizes seem to be frozen in a scramble over each other in pursuit of high ground. The tallest of them, near the center, is the elegant Capital Spire, near the top of which is the Prime Magistrate's dwelling. Other distinct shapes include the tower of Pylos Headquarters, as well as the familiar-looking pyramid structure of Pylos Alpha.

The Office of the Magistrate devised the Titan Project. They wished to relocate their offices and the main industrial centers of the Provinces to somewhere with more access. The Titan Lake seemed the perfect place, and so planning went ahead. The Project ran out of funds very early on in design, but when the mining company Pylos rose it offered to fund the Project entirely out of it's own pocket. Construction went ahead, and soon the smoke was billowing and the spires rising into the night sky.

The city is broken into sections that have developed at differing rates, none of them slowly by any means. Young industrial hubs line the shore of an entire side, smoke billowing as if from the funnel of an enormous steamer. Waterways are the main method of transportation, and they lead into the broader section of the city's wealthy residences. Nearer the center are places of administration and public safety.

Large boats and smaller craft always swarm the perimeter of the city, and the traffic of people, money, and information continues on through the night.

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