Fate of Io
Pylos Laboratories
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Hidden amidst the dunes of the northwestern plateau is the Pylos Laboratories for Eumonetic Technology and Training. The administrator of the facility is a human eumonetic known as Miriel; she is a member of the Pylos triumvirate and a zealous advocate for the advancement of human eumonetics in Titan society. Her agents scout the population for the one person in a thousand that has been born with eumonetic potential. To date, the labs have admitted over sixty students (including Rheya) into Miriel's eumonetic training program.

The labs are also where Pylos does most of its shady research on eumonetic technology that it will eventually sell to consumers. The desert outside provides an effective testing ground, far from civilization. A large tunnel through the plateau connects the labs with the shore, where boats can drop supplies and pick up shipments of new products.

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