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The mammoth towers of Titan City have recently overshadowed once the bustling center of the Titan Continent, in more ways than one. No longer does Trosene own economic dominance over the surrounding area, and this can be seen on the humble faces of the city's people and buildings. Wide marketplaces, once built to be crowded and plentiful, are now largely unused. The quality of life has dropped sharply in the past ten years or so, and yet the population is still hopeful of some deliverance from their destitute state; true enough, it is no fault of their own. Pylos offered the city an entryway into the new era of technology if the people permitted the movement of trade to Titan City - they were only too happy for the change to take place. Pylos never delivered on its promises, though, and the people of Trosene still resent Pylos for it.

The city itself is located along the shore of the Titan Lake (though it may as well be called a sea) where the Titan River begins south. The famed Trosene Firebridge spans the river and leads east into the wilderness. This prime location once gave the city an edge, being the closest settlement from just about anywhere, but now the city is used more as a gateway to other more valuable avenues and places of trade.

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