Fate of Io
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Before Pylos began the extraction of ore from the area, Serribis was little more than a collection of Trader's Guilds and bazaars. Since the advent of efficient mining, and the construction of Pylos Beta just north of the Pylos River, the shipping trade has grown to accommodate for the new export. Related industries also grew, such as processing plants and refineries, so that refined ore could be shipped straight to Pylos' factories in Titan City. Serribis has expanded to cover both banks of the river, with many bridges within the city to promote trade.

The city's main population is low-class at best. Crime and poverty are widespread in the slums. The people are so poor that they cannot make a living outside the shadow of Pylos' industry. It is here, in Serribis, where the divide between the classes is most apparent.

The Continental Military makes its home at the east edge of the town. The barracks and training grounds are located just inside the city walls. The Military is outfitted with the latest technology, proudly sponsored by Pylos Mining Inc.

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