Fate of Io
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If you are familiar with dragons from other fantasy settings, perhaps little needs to be said about the dragons of Fate of Io. There are, however, a few points that should be kept in mind as you read how they fit into the story. First and foremost, our dragons are sentient. Like any humanoid character, they have complex motivations and (often very long) personal histories. They can speak, and while their deep voices may not draw upon a very expansive vocabulary, their words often reflect the ancient wisdom that has been passed down through generations. Second, our dragons are huge. The largest dragons have been up to a tenth of a kilometer long (longer than a football field), and their wingspan is similarly impressive. And finally, our dragons can naturally fly and breath fire.

As seemingly all-powerful as these creatures are, they are a dying race. As the game begins, only a small number of individuals are left in the entire world; we see only two over the course of the story.

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