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Gygans are a relatively bulky, strong race of humanoids that can be found on both the Titan Continent and Kay Pacha. In both cases, their tribal origins have adapted (or been forced to adapt), either to a rapidly modernizing society or a suddenly apocalyptic one. Gygans are very proud of their ability to work hard and efficiently, finding a solid place in the economy as a workforce. Physically, Gygans have incredibly diverse skin color, from black, to ruddy, to green, to maroon.

As a race, Gygans are just beginning to learn how to trust others, even amongst themselves. Many consider the inconstant nature of humans charming, and human cities are just about the only place Gygans feel welcome. Historically, the battle between Gygans and Drythians over territory has evolved into mutual feelings of injustice, and modern-day skirmishes aren't unknown. Equatorial Gygans have mostly remained reclusive to all other Kay Pachan races, but some have recently found their position advantageous in the aftermath of the war.

Gygans are the elemental race of fire: they are always on the lookout for new opportunities and new ways to branch out into society. Most Gygans have an affinity aligned near fire, but Gygan eumoneticists are fairly uncommon (not nearly as rare as human eumoneticists).

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