Fate of Io
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As the most successful of the sentient races, humans have spread to establish settlements around the world, and are therefore the most diverse as well (much as on our own planet). Generally, you can split the human population into two: those that live on the more temperate Titan continent, and the darker-skinned humans that live on the equatorial Kay Pacha.

Most humans are fairly tolerant of other races. Many consider Drythians to be pretentious and old-fashioned, while still respecting their history, their personal space, and their privacy. On Gygans, opinions are fairly split: some consider them overly brutish and ill-adjusted, while others find their simplicity to be refreshingly honest and humble. Human-Gygan friendships are common, especially in the downtrodden corners of society. Equatorial humans treat both Proteans and Antareans with either ambivalence, or (just as often) outright hatred for their ongoing war.

Humans are not an elemental race; that is, their elemental affinity can be anything. But however diverse their affinities, humans with eumonetic ability are very rare.

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