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Drythians are a tall, gaunt race of humanoids that are native to the western mountains of the Titan continent. They have umber skin and drastically pointed ears. Drythian society emphasizes the cultivation of skills and knowledge, though such teachings are commonly seen as deprecated by young Drythians and other races. Many view Drythians as a dying race.

Those Drythians that do not leave their mountain home of Avemy have an ambivalent view towards other races and the world in general. Gygans may find themselves as an exception; Drythians have often found their carefully planned projects threatened by Gygan ambition, and thus the two races have developed a mutual hostility. Others commonly view humans as fickle and short-sighted.

Drythians are the elemental race of water: they find societal meaning in tranquility and wisdom. Most Drythians have an elemental affinity aligned close to water, though those that have left Avemy occasionally show unpredictable human-like affinities. A substantial fraction of Drythians have eumonetic abilities.

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